Hello, I just wanted to put a few thoughts out there to anybody who may be looking at our website and considering a fence repair or installation.  In my time doing estimates this year I have found more and more of the garage/basement based “fence contractors”.  I just wanted to let the consumer know a few drawbacks from going with the cheapest bid.  There are the few obvious ones; poor workmanship, low quality materials, may require a deposit, slow installation.  Here are a few more to consider before going with the lowest price; permitting (most cities require a permit for most fences, needing to be pulled by a licensed contractor), poor communication (the job may not get started when planned, may not be correct design, add-ons not foreseen by contractor will cost more money), not enough experience in this specific field, not knowing certain things that must be done before and during the installation and this one is probably the most frustrating for customers I talk to, they can’t get a hold of the contractor if anything goes wrong.  In most cases you will be spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a new fence, make them count.  It seems like everybody has been wronged by a contractor and some point, if you haven’t don’t start now.  Never put any money down before any work has started and try to avoid doing it before the work is 100% complete.  Make sure you have verifiable references, reviews online are great but not always genuine.  Start by calling prior customers to get a sense of their reasons for going with that company and whether they are satisfied with the overall product.  If needed, most contractors will give the addresses of some completed jobs so you can see the workmanship and material up close.  You can do this to verify the quality or even to get ideas for your fencing project.  Small shortcuts when installing a fence can lead to major problems within years or even months, make sure you go with a company that has a track record of excellence.    Remember, we can fulfill your fencing needs in any city in the Denver Metro area, including Boulder, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, etc.  Call us today for a free consultation or even if you just have some questions, we would be happy to help!

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