Fencing in Denver

Are you searching for a reliable, secure fence for your Denver area residential or commercial property? Look no further! Andrew-Thomas Contractors in Denver can install, replace, and repair any type of fence. We provide top-notch service and only work with the best manufacturers who produce the highest-quality materials so you know you will be getting the best fence installed.

Unlike many other fencing contractors, we offer fence installation year-round; even in the heart of winter. We take the time to get to know you and understand what you are looking for in your fence. A fence is an investment and we make sure that you are highly satisfied with it before we leave the job. At Andrew-Thomas Contractors, we strive for accessibility, friendliness, and sticking to deadlines.

Below is just a taste of the variety of fencing we have to offer.

Wood Fencing

    Our wood fences are some of the most sturdy and versatile fences on the market. We provide many different styles and features to our wooden fences. For more information on how you can customize your wood fence, give us a call.


Vinyl Fencing

      Vinyl fencing is a sturdy and versatile fence that provides the popular ‘white picket fence’ look to any yard. This low costing, weather resistant fencing option is the perfect solution for any Denver property.


Residential Fencing

    Perhaps you just moved and are in need of a new fence installed surrounding your backyard or you are looking to replace your current fence, Andrew-Thomas can help you out.  Whether you are looking for wrought iron fencing, vinyl fencing, wood fencing, chain link fencing, or any other type of fencing, we can install it!


Ranch Rail Fencing

    Although ranch rail fencing is commonly seen on farms and ranches to contain livestock, it is not only found in rural settings. Ranch rail fencing is very versatile, and offers many advantages to all sorts of properties.


Chain Link Fencing

      Chain Link fences are typically the most common type of fence installed in residential and commercial areas due to the low cost and low maintenance fees and the durability of a chain link fence.


Wrought Iron Fencing

    Wrought iron fencing is our most elegant, sophisticated looking fence. It is a great fence for surrounding residential property, enclosing a pool, or as a decorative courtyard fence. Wrought iron fences also increase overall property value.


Commercial Fencing

    Customized fencing to protect your Denver area business property, agricultural or livestock areas, parks or recreational fields. Whether you are looking for a wrought iron fence, chain link fence, wood fence, vinyl fence, or any other type of fence, we can install it!


Custom Fencing

    Custom fencing to fit the needs of any residential or commercial property. Let us know what style of fence you are looking for and what material you want. We will work directly with you through the whole process to ensure that you are getting the fence of your dreams.

If you are concerned about having no fenced in yard while your new fence is being installed, we can install a temporary 10x10 chain link dog run to keep the hassle to a minimum.

If you have questions or are looking to get started on having a new fence installed on your property, give us a call. We charge nothing for an initial estimate. We encourage you to contact our office as soon as possible to get started designing and installing your new fence!

Call Andrew-Thomas Contractors in Denver today at 303-434-7926.

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